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2022 Center Point ISD Homecoming

Homecoming 2022 Elementary Court

Pre K:  Octavia T. and  Karim F.

Kinder Hadassah H. and  Leo A.

1st Sei V. and  Noah A.

2nd: Romi M. and  Ashton O.

3rd:  Ryleigh K. and  Eduardo S.

4th:  Bailei H. and  William J. 

5th:  Sophia P. and  Colt D.

Homecoming 2022 Secondary Court


Middle School: 

6th: Giselle M. and Luis “Gio” M. 

7th:  Rosio C. and Chris D. 

8th: Cason K. and Ashley S. 


High School: 

9th: Jaydin S. and Olivia G. 

10th: Misael V. and Daniela F. 

11th: Bryan P. and Gisel V. 


Kourtney C., Kaylee B., Kahly M., Iris L. 

Fernando R., Jesse G., Alexis H., Gabriel C. 


Our King and Queen for Homecoming will be announced at the Homecoming game on October 28. 


Center Point ISD Homecoming 2022 will be October 28, 2022 

Homecoming Spectacular 2022 

Parade and Bonfire