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September Support Staff Member of the Month

Support Staff Member of the Month for September 2018:

Shirley Wingfield is the Support Staff member of the month.  Shirley does a great job organizing the Homecoming Spectacular, which is a large and important task.  The spectacular brings together CP alumni, as well as current students, and provides an opportunity for the many clubs and organization of CPISD to raise money for their groups.  The spectacular continues to grow, with games, activities, and fun for all ages.

In addition to the work to organize the Spectacular, Shirley does a great job as Community Education Director.  She provides support for the classes offered through that program and is always easy to work with when promoting new classes.  When attendance is expected to be high (like the herbal first aid class offered in the spring) Shirley is on hand at those classes to help with check in and registration and to ensure that all goes well with the class.

Shirley is also the director of the CP After School Care program which takes a lot of time to organize.  She recruited Ms. Lisa to be the main afterschool care provider and Ms. Lisa does a great job...taking this program to a higher level.

Shirley has been a very dedicated employee of Center Point ISD since 1983 and is a life-long Pirate, being a graduate of Center Point High School.

Shirley is very deserving of this recognition!

Shirley Wingfield




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