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March Support Staff Member of the Month

Karen Wigington

Karen Wigington has been chosen as the support staff member of the month.  Karen does a great job with her responsibilities in the HS office that relate to PEIMS processing.  Karen is very dependable with attendance being done correctly and attendance reports are always sent over to the admin office in a timely manner.  Karen also is very detailed oriented when doing data entry, rarely requiring changes or corrections.  Discipline entry is done in a timely manner, and she does an excellent job keeping up with kids who are assigned AEP, ISS, OCS, to be sure that the information is entered correctly for PEIMS purposes.  She does a great job with report cards and keeping grade reporting up to date and completed as needed.  She is always eager to help out in any way that she can, and always eager and willing to learn new things.  She is always pleasant to work with!

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