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Cally Davis

Welcome to 5th Grade Math!  


I am looking forward to an exciting year!  It is my goal to provide all students with an educationally challenging experience in my classroom.  I have high expectations for all of my students, and I will do all that I can to help them achieve those expectations.   A child’s quality education needs support and hard work from the teacher, parent, and student.  Let’s work together to reach our maximum potential this year! 


Teacher Contact information:

Cally Davis



Class-dojo will be used as a tool for keeping parents informed about what we are doing in class, and to enhance parent/student/teacher communication.  Parents, please be sure to check your e-mail/text and contact me if you did not receive an invitation to join class-dojo.


A brief overview of what you will be learning in math this year

  • Place value

  • Addition/Subtraction

  • Multiplication/Division

  • Algebraic Reasoning

  • Decimals/Fraction

  • Geometry

  • Measurement

  • Data Analysis 

  • Financial Literacy


Materials needed


  • 2 Composition notebooks

  • 1 zipper pouch with scissors, pencils, glue stick, erasers, color pencils and highlighter *

  • 1 plastic folder with brads and pockets

  • Ear buds*


Classroom Expectations

Before you walk in the classroom:

  1. Be on time.

  2. Be prepared with materials/supplies/homework needed for the day.

  3. Ready to learn with a positive attitude.

When you’re in the classroom:

  1. Be in your seat with all necessary supplies and immediately begin the bell ringer of the day.

  2. Follow directions the first time they are given and stay on task.

  3. Unless given permission otherwise:

  1. Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking.

  2. Remain silent and listen when others are speaking

  1. Respect yourself and others at all times.



All classroom disruptions will result in the following:

1st Offense – Verbal warning and possible parent contact

2nd Offense – Misbehavior will be noted on the discipline sheet and parent     


3nd Offense – Student completes a reflection form, parent contacted, and 

Lunch detention

4th Offense – Parent contact and office referral

Note: Severe disruptions including fighting, profanity, willful defiance of authority, cheating, stealing, or deliberate destruction of school property will result in an immediate office referral.



Students will receive Dojo points for good behavior.  Students will be allowed to buy an item with their dojo points on Fridays; items could include:  chips, cookies, crackers, candy, pencils, small toys, homework pass etc. None of the food items will replace the students’ lunch. 


Grading Policy 


Tests and Projects


Daily Work

Classwork, worksheets,  



Weekly homework



Grading Scale  

A: 90-100 B: 80-90 C:75-79 D:70-74 F: Below 70


* Staying informed about your child’s grades is very important. Please create an account on Texas gradebook so that you will be able to access your child’s grades. 

*Academic Dishonesty will NOT be tolerated!!! If the student is caught cheating or committing academic dishonesty, they will receive a zero and the parents will be contacted.


Math Homework

Math homework will be given on the first day of each week, and it will be due on Friday.  Failure to turn in homework: student will lose a ClassDojo point, parent will be notified. Although homework is only 5% of their grade, failure to turn in homework will affect your child’s grade. Teaching responsibility and practicing skills learned in the class will help prepare students for success in middle school!   Students who turn in their homework on time, will receive a ClassDojo point.  If student’s turn in all their homework on time, the entire six weeks, they will receive an extra prize. 


Absent Policy


If the student is absent, it is their responsibility to get their assignment from me and the notes from a classmate.  Students will have one day for each excused absence to turn in work they have missed after they return to school for full credit.  For example, if a student misses two days of school, then they will have two days after their return to complete their make-up work for full credit.  If students do not complete make-up work within the time allotted, it will be considered late.  


Corrections on in-class assignment and quizzes

  • It is the responsibility of the student to request and schedule corrections.

  • The highest grade a student can receive after correcting an assignment/quiz will be a 70.

  • Unit tests, benchmarks, and district assessments cannot be corrected.


**Syllabus is subject to change to meet the needs of the classroom.

If you have any questions regarding this syllabus, please contact me. 

Cally Davis

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