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Frank Thompson

Frank Thompson is the Support staff Member of the Month for March 2021.  Frank has a wealth of information about the systems which operates the district. He has been working nonstop on core components of the school's operating system to make it better for students and staff. Frank is a great guy to work with.

Frank goes the extra mile when it comes to keeping us up and running. Especially with this last internet shortage he really kicked it into high gear and overtime. He is a pleasure to work with.

Frank works hard to keep the entire district up and running with ALL technology! He puts in a lot of extra hours to keep things running smoothly. Finishes every job to the best of his ability. He has helped manage and oversee the distribution of the entire district on outfitting our students with chromebooks. Honestly, he has done wonders to get our district up to speed with technology all around! Couldn't do the things we do without him!