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Center Point ISD Transportation

School Bus Safety

Late Start Bus Routine: 

Buses will arrive 2 hours later than normal times, on days that school is delayed until 10:00am.

Bus Rider Forms:

Download the Bus Rider Form here OR...

The Online Bus rider form is available here / El formulario de pasajero de autobús en línea está disponible aquí :

English Form       Formulario en español

Bus Safety: Safely transporting our students and your children to/from school is our number one priority. Here are some basic safety tips:

  • Stand far back when you are waiting for the bus.
  • Sit still so the driver can pay attention to the road.
  • Look both ways if you have to cross the street after getting off the bus, or wait for the driver to signal it's safe to cross the street.

Please review the and CPISD Bus Safety Rules with your children. Here’s what Texas DOT has to say about your part in school bus safety: txdot School Bus Safety

Students: Respect your school bus driver and follow these rules. Click the link to read and discuss the complete CPISD School Bus Rider Rules. 

New Students: If you're new to our district, your child will receive a bus rider request form the first week of school. PLEASE return these forms as soon as possible so our staff have the means to contact you in the event an issue arises. Changes of address or phone number will require an updated form submission.

Speeding busBus Route Information:

Route 1 – Elmwood Park, Verde Hills, Verde Park, Tremper Trail, Camp Verde, Silver Hills, Triple T, Airport, Johnson Dr, Old River RV

Route 2 - CP River Rd to Bolin, Verde Creek, Elm Pass, Mini Mart, Tallwood, Booster, Willow Bend, Boxwood, Westwind

Route 3 - Stoneleigh, Oakridge Estates, McDonald Loop. Redbird Loop, Stoney Hills, Spanish Oak

Route 5 - Skyline Dr., CP Estates, Nicks Rd, Baltic, Boardwalk, Deer Park

Bus Drivers: Please do not contact the driver directly with changes to stops. We require this information to pass through the proper channels to prevent misplaced children 😊. Please contact Will Robertson for any questions or changes at (830) 353 – 8107 or at Drivers

Route 1 – Will Robertson

Route 2 – Oscar Cruz

Route 3 – Kelsey Lipka

Route 5 – Susan Walker

NEW Online Transportation Requests are here!!! Complete the form for your work area and the request is submitted to your supervisor for approval via email.

Want to become a Bus Driver? Contact Will Robertson ( and he will guide you through the process. The District will help you through the process of obtaining your CDL including providing a vehicle for the driving test, but first you need to ask Will about getting started.

Director of Transportation: Will Robertson