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CPISD Community Garden

CPISD Community Garden

Community Garden (Key Hole Gardening) 2018

The mission of the Center Point Independent School District Community Garden is to bring community members and students together to work for a sustainable planet. The Project is designed to motivate and equip Center Point students and community members to take action as a community, as families and as individuals. The focus of this effort is to strengthen the community’s capacity and effectiveness by facilitating academic performance, bridging intergenerational relationships, promoting dialogue and community service. As an outside classroom, it shall provide real life, hands-on experience to study health and nutrition, oral health, science, mathematics, ecology, agriculture and more. The concept builds upon the existing community resources and assets; it has the power to change people’s lives and can affect CPISD students and community members in profound ways.

The Center Point Independent School District Community Garden is an inclusive project, shaped by local community members, and students to learn a life-long learning experience. 

If you’re interested in belonging to the CPISD Community Garden contact Shirley Wingfield (Wright), the community education coordinator (830-634-6124 or