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Welcome to Center Point eSports! 

As we implement our new ESports Club we’ve had lots of questions come up and we want to do our best to keep everyone informed.  Please see below for our latest FAQ!


Will my student have to quit a sport to participate?

NO!!  The advantage of ESports is that there’s no season.  For example, if your student plays football or volleyball they have 2 options.  Option 1: Wait until the end of the season to join our club!  Option 2: Your student can make arrangements for alternate practice time by emailing the club sponsor.  Our goal is to provide a new opportunity at CPISD that other districts may not.  At the same time, we do not want to interfere with any other established sports or clubs.


 Is this a UIL sport?

Not this year.  ESports is a club at this time.  This year is an implementation phase of how this opportunity will best fit at our school.  


Is there a cap on the number of participants?

Yes.  Even though there is no season we have a limited number of devices and our teams must be set to allow adequate practice time for competition.  Teams are set through a district tournament.  Only the top 5 students per game are eligible to be on the tournament teams.  However, alternate times will be available throughout the year for new students to the program to try out for various teams.


Are there alternate team members?

Yes, typically teams consist of 1 to 4 players.  Alternate team members will be announced following the district competitions and are allowed at practices.  If a team member is unable to make a tournament the alternate will be moved to the team temporarily.  


When are practices?

We have before school practices, during school practices and after school practices for those who are eligible.  Remember - students who have other commitments such as athletics, tutorials, etc must fulfill those responsibilities first!


Have more questions? Please contact our club sponsor/s! 

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