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Welcome Aboard!

I’m Mark Neyland, and this is my fourteenth year teaching high school math. When I was merely nine years old, I dreamed of being a pilot. So when I was in high school, I forged a focus on math that earned me a shot at the Air Force Academy, which put me in the cockpits of military jets, and the flight decks of commercial airliners.

As our students define their own dreams, they will develop their own work ethics, and discover their own journeys as they plan their own courses to be either a successful college student, or a venturing workforce leader.

Neyland family

My family and I are excited to see Pirate Nation prevail!

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Some personal history / aviation photos:
Plus our scorpion-killer cat who loves to work the night-shift as long as he gets his daytime nappies ..

T-38 Talon 

Solo Flight in T-38


Alamo Kitty