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How to Chromebook! Your Chromebook’s connections and layout:

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Like a Windows laptop your Chromebook has hardware ports on its sides which can be used to utilize external devices.

side of chromebook 1side of chromebook 2

External DevicesCharger packsSpeakers, headset, and camera devices

The Chromebook’s keyboard layout is similar to Windows’ and iOS’ keyboard; known as the QWERTY Keyboard, it is a layout which we all are familiar with, and rightfully so since it has been used since 1860’s on Typewriters. There are only minor differences:

  • The ‘Caps Lock’ key was replaced with the ‘Search’ Key;

Caps Lock KeySearch/Launcher Key

  • The ‘Function Keys’ are simple icons;

Windows function keys

Chromebook Function Keys

  • The ‘Power’ key is placed in the same row as the ‘Function Keys’;

Power Key

  • An all-in-one ‘Touchpad’ which is used to move the cursor, scroll, and right/left click.

Windows mouse and keyboard layoutChromebook touchpad and keyboard layout

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