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How to Chromebook! Can You Hear Me Now?

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Along with the integrated camera and speakers, your Chromebook also has a built in microphone. These three components generally are always on default settings. As a modular unit your Chromebook can accept most external webcams, headphones, and speakers. If you are wanting one of these external accessories look for those that are compatible with Chromebook.

If you are unable to hear you can adjust the internal speaker’s volume.

Volume keys on Chromebook

On the keyboard your Chromebook has three keys that can mute, turn down, and turn up the volume output.


You can also change the internal speaker’s volume by simply tapping on the clock, and then adjust the volume bar to the left, or to the right until you are able to hear.

But what if a listener in an online meeting is unable to hear you, and they have adjusted their speaker volume output in an attempt to hear? More than likely this isn’t an issue with their volume output settings but your microphone’s audio input settings.

By default the audio input on your Chromebook is set to a medium setting. Even when using external accessories, such as webcams/microphones, or headsets/microphones, the default settings stay the same. But if a listener in an online meeting is unable to hear you need to adjust your microphone’s audio input setting.

SettingsChromebook Audio Settings

To adjust your microphone’s audio input all you have to do is tap on the clock, select the  arrow next to the speaker volume bar, and you will be now in Audio Settings. From here you can adjust the audio input bar to the left or right.

On a cautionary note, you need to keep your audience in mind as you adjust the audio volume input for your microphone; if you adjust too high, it will seem that you are shouting at them, too low then it will seem like you are whispering. Adjust your audio volume input accordingly and ask your audience if it is too loud, too soft, or just right.


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