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Financial Transparency

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Proposed and Adopted Annual Budgets

2020-2021 Adopted Budget      PDF   Excel

2019-2020 Adopted Budget      PDF   Excel 2018-2019 Adopted Budget       PDF   Excel
2016-2017 Adopted Budget      PDF   Excel    2017-2018 Adopted Budget       PDF   Excel

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Check/Expense Registers

2019-2020 Check Register      PDF    Word

2018-2019 Check Register   PDF     Word
2017-2018 Check Register      PDF     Word 2016-2017 Check Register   PDF     Word
2015-2016 Check Register      PDF     Word  


Annual Financial and Compliance Reports

2018-2019 Annual Audit Report  
2017-2018 Annual Audit Report 2016-2017 Annual Audit Report 
2015-2016 Annual Audit Report 2014-2015 Annual Audit Report


Other Information

Utility Usage July 2015 to Present 

Utility Usage July 2007 - July 2015

2019 Tax Rate Ordinance   
Approved Vendor List is found underStaff Resources HB 1378 Debt Transparency 2018 Tax Rate Ordinance Board of Trustees Contact Information




Public Information Requests can be directed to the office of the Superintendent (830) 634-6133.