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Welcome Back to the second half of Fifth Grade!


I hope everyone had a holiday filled with family, friends, fun, and relaxation!

During the 3rd six weeks and now into the 4th, we are “rockin’ and rollin’” in our study of the Earth and its surface.  We have learned how the surface of the earth changes slowly through weathering, erosion, and deposition.  We will now learn how sedimentary rock is formed.  Your student has learned the “Erosion Rap”.  Ask him/her to perform it for you.

We will continue our study of the Earth with learning about our natural resources and how important they are to our survival on our wonderful planet.

Soon, we will rocket into space as we begin our study of the sun, earth, and moon.  We will study the characteristics of each and make a venn diagram to compare and contrast.

During Reading this six weeks we are continuing our study of Informational Text(Nonfiction).  We will work on reading and taking notes on what we are learning beside each paragraph, otherwise known as making annotations. We will also be working on reading two similar passages and working to compare and contrast them to deepen our understanding of vocabulary and more rigorous topics.

Below you will find a calendar of events for the 4th six weeks:

Jan. 9th: Reports cards sent home

Jan. 14th: Talent show auditions

Jan. 16th-18th: Stock Show break

Jan. 23rd: Talent show practice

Jan. 28th & 29th: Talent show rehearsal

Jan. 30th: Talent show

Feb. 4th: Progress Reports sent home

Feb. 11th-15th: Book Fair Week

Feb. 13th: Open House 4:00-6:30; Parent Book Fair 4:00-7:00

Feb. 15th: 5th Grade Field trip to Science Mill in Johnson City

Feb. 18th: Student holiday

Feb. 22: End of 4th Six Weeks

If you have any questions any time during the year, please do not hesitate to call or email me. You can reach me by calling the elementary office at 634-2257. My email is If you would like to meet with me for any reason, please call the office to set up a time, or send me an email or a note in your child’s agenda. My conference time is from 7:50-8:35 Monday through Friday, but I can also be available before or after school. I am here to help your child be a successful student. Let’s have a fantastic year!



Anna Chapa

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