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Kathy Robertson

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Mrs. Robertson's Classroom Virtual


23-24 Class Schedule

First Bell                      7:45

1st Period               7:50-8:35    Web Communications

Announcements      8:39-8:42

2nd Period               8:42–9:27    Yearbook/Graphic Design

3rd Period              9:31-10:16    Principles of Information Technology

4th Period              10:20-11:05    Principles of Information Technology  

WIN Time            11:09-11:49     

5th Period           11:53-12:38     Web Communications  

Lunch                   12:42-1:12         Lunch

6th Period              1:16-2:01       Computer Science 1

7th Period              2:05-2:50     Conference

8th Period              2:54-3:39    Principles of Information Technology


#PiratesPersevere – 

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and in the Future!


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Grading Policy


Daily Work = 75%, Participation = 25%, of the six weeks grade.

Late Policy - Late work must be turned in within 3 days after it is due.  The highest grade one can receive for late work is a 75.  After 3 days, any work not turned in will receive a zero.  If a student has an excused absence, the due date for assignments will be moved according to the number of days the student is out.

I am the Key Club & Yearbook Advisor.

I am also one of the 12th grade class sponsors.

Kathy Robertson

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2:05-2:50 pm