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This page is great for P.E., and outdoor or indoor recess! There are songs, Zumba, Yoga, and more to keep your body moving.  You can also download the app for FREE! 

KHAN Academy Kids app

This is an APP that is completely free of charge! It’s similar to starfall.  I went ahead and typed the URL, but you need to download the app. It does not work on a desktop or laptop. 


I have some kids that love this page! Just type your child’s first name and they will start right where they left off. I would like kids to spend about 10-15 minutes each day. I will be monitoring their time.

It’s always free on the computer, but they charge on an ipad. However, due to the corona virus RIGHT NOW the APP IS FREE!  


The kids love this webpage! It’s free, but the screen is a little small. To make it bigger you would have to subscribe and pay a monthly fee. The kids do just fine with the free version. 

This is a good website for math and phonics. There are other pretty cool games too. 

Brainpop Jr

Come and learn about many topics. There are videos and activities. 


This is were the kids will take AR tests. 

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