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Classroom Adventures

December 12/3  (Last updated. Still working on it today)

What’s new in our class? Check it out!





We have a new station and he kids ou loving it! 

Sometimes I hear kids singing song and re-telling stories we have read in class. 


Christmas Celebration and New year’s




We read Frosty the Snowman for fun, and read How Rocket Learns to Read to learn how to spell and write words. 


pic of bookWe practiced how to spell Santa and we practiced the Santa song.Santa song
























Handwriting is super important in class. 

Here is the letter troke we use in the classroom. You can practice at home. Pick a letter and practice it for the week or a couple of days. 

Letter strokes


List of how to write letters



















Here are other words we are practicing how to spell and read. The color words are a little harder, but kids should know how to spell the sight words correcly. 

This is our Word Wall. We are practicing how to read and spell these words. I like to use a pocket chart, so kids can grab them, and take them to their table when they need them. 

Sight word wall


Here is what we learned in phonics this week. 

Vowel sounds and the c/k rule. 


Picture of the C/K rule







Count to 90 by ones. Start from any number. 

Count backwards from 15. 

Subitize numbers 1-5 using dot cards and ten frames. 


Identify numbers 1-15. Here is a link you can print  number cards. You can also use a deck of cards, or  make your own. 



These kids are getting ready to play some WAR

Two kids playing war with a deck of cards



Here is a picture of our stockings! Kids already started to bring gifts. Thank you!  :-D 

pic stockings


We walked to the historical partk to decorate the Christmas tree. Our nexr walk will be on February before Valentine’s day. We will send permissions slips a couple of weeks before our walk. Please, make sure they are signed and returned to school. Students without persmision slips will have to wait in the office. 


picture of kids decorating a christmas tree


November 11/1


Present Sight words: 

I, a, see, the, she, he, can, is, and it. 


We are learning how to visualize! 

anchor chart


Good readers also……


anchor chart good readers



In writing, we are learning how think, pair, and share before we write. 

anchor chart good writers



Here are a few things we did and I didn’t get to post.  

We learned the song 5 Little Pumpins Seating on the Gate

The kdis learned to do Reather’s Theater, and we made a little Jack-o-lanter on a popsicle stick. 



5 little pumpkins son




Present Goals

Count to 60 

Count backwards from 10 to 1. 

Ways to make 5.

How to join and take away ( seperate).




A couple of weeks ago we made ice cream in the classroom. It was a hit!!

Here are some pictures…




This week in Science we will be takling about 3 types of energy. Light, sound, and heat. 






All About Pumpkins


What do active readers do?  Active readers WONDER!

 Today we read The Biggest Pumpkin Ever


book cover

I stopped on the following pages and I modeled how to wonder… 

“I wonder if the mice will fight over the pumpkin?”

“ I wonder if they will share the pumpkin?”


book page


Vocabulary words for the week: 





We made a hat to remind us that this week is all about pumpkins!


We also tasted pumpkin pie! About half of the class disliked the pie. It’s all good! ;-D

Tomorrow we will be tasting something else! Yum!


We are learning how to represent and compare quantities using numbers 1-10. 




We are learning about cooling!



Stay tuned for more pictures! 




All About Apples

Last week was the last week to discussed apples. 


We learned how to be active readers. We learned how to make connections. We asked ourselves:

“What does this remind me of? How was this similar/different to my life? How do I relate to this character? “

“How is this similar/different to another book I’ve read? What book does this remind me of and why?”


anchor chart


One day we made applesauce from scratch! It was delicious!





We learned ways to make 5! We practiced with two color counters. This skill is hard to learn. Some needed more practice than others, but over all the kids did great.

 Here is a small apple activity we did. The kids learned that 3 and 2 makes 5!

tree with 3 red apples and 2 yellow apples makes 5


We also participated in “Count the Room.”  The kids are learning about 10 frames. They got to count apples! 

Count around the room

kids with count the room paper

We took math outside!  We got to measure our height using apples. Also, we measured the basketball court. It was 100 apples long!! 

kids measuring with apples cut outs

kids measuring with apples cut outs

kids measuring with apples cut outs

kids measuring with apples cut outs




We learned about heat, thermometers, and temperature. 

We made pretend thermometers and we did a couple of small experiments with ice. 


pretend thermometersice in bowls

We placed one bowl outside under the sun, and one stayed inside the classroom. 


Friday we got to see the FIRE ENGINE! 


fire engine







Here are a few of our classroom goals for the week. 
- How to hold a book and know its parts. 

- How to use a 10 frame, identify numbers 1-10, and count to 30 by ones. 

- Behave- Always make green choices!

-Count how many words are in a sentence. 


Today, I introduced a few Literacy Learning Stations. The kids did great! 

Here is the computer and the library station.

Computer station

-Today the kids got to play on Star fall. Soon, they will start a reading program. 

little girl reading

-Here we have a student reading a book with our reading buddy Pete the Cat. 



In reading, we read Apple Farmer Annie!

This week’s vocabulary words!





In science, we learned about thermometers and heat. We got to use small thermometers today!!!! We experimented with cold and warm water. ( Miss Avalos was in charge of the cup with warm water.)

cup with water and thermometers








We learned how to use our watercolors.



We tasted and voted for our favorite apple. In science we learned how to use a scale with the help of some apples and counters. 


favorite apple voting



We read about apples and Johnny Appleseed. 


BookBook Johnny Apple seed


This week’s vocabulary words: 


vocabulary words



We discussed what apples are, have, and can do with apples.

apple are, have, can anchor chart



We tasted apple juice and apple cider. 

juice voting



We are also learning handwriting! We write on whiteboards, lined and blank paper,  and trace letters with markers/pencils. Right now we are working on basic, but I am very pleased on how well my students have picked up writing. 

Every morning we practice our handwriting. Students come in, put away their purple folder, and then they grab their writing folder. Every time they complete a page they get a small treat, but not if its sloppy and done in a hurry. 



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